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About Us

Picture N Sound Media is a growing production house, which offers the best visual media and post production services with graphics at affordable costs. If you are an independent business consultant, a new start up or an existing entity, you can benefit hugely from our services. Because no one can give such an exact shape to your incredible vision.

We provide a wide range of tailor-made media solutions to different organisations, corporates, production houses, media houses and event management companies.

In the last few years, we have worked to create media solutions with exacting contours for some of the biggest brands, who have acknowledged our contribution to their brand value. This journey of learning and growth with these brands has helped us emerge as a leading brand. It is our endeavour to work with esteemed clients to achieve our fullest potential.

Pankaj N Sharma


Cinematographer, Director of Photography and a point person overseeing  camera and light crews working on a films, television productions and other live action pieces, he is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the shoot.

Pankaj's unique style of filming and designing the shoot has garnered praise and accolades.

He has made a visual mark in the industry with his signature style of cinematography. In his 15 years of cinematographic experience with the who's who from both Bollywood and the corporate world.

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shailendra ji ic.jpeg

Shailendra Mishra

Creative & Director

 Experienced professional filmmaker with a track record of creating riveting films, short films, advertisements, music videos, and much more. In my 20 years of experience, I have been closely involved at all stages of creative production starting from concept to post-production. Working as a filmmaker, I have one and only one goal - create motion pictures that deliver an impactful experience. When it comes to judging the quality of a movie or any creative work, I use a standard unit of measurement:

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